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1.Why doesn't it show that I am a member even though I have purchased the product?

In general, you can use the membership benefits after you have purchased the product. In a few cases, it will take about 30 minutes for the membership benefits to sync to your account due to a certain delay in App store/Google Play debit notification. You can submit an online form to contact our support team to fix the issue.

2. How to join in iMyFone Member Center to enjoy the latest rights and services?

Here is the detailed guide to register for a new account in our Member Center.

3. Can I get a free trial of your products before purchase?

Yes,we offer free use times. If you would like to enjoy all features.

4.How to cancel the subscription?

Situation 1:
If the product you purchased needs an account ID and password to log into to activate, then it is a membership product. You can cancel the subscription with the following steps by yourself in the iMyFone Memeber Center.
Step 1. Please log into the iMyFone Member Center.
Step 2. Please select My Product, and you will see all the products you purchased.
Step 3. Please choose the product that you want to cancel the subscription with and then click Cancel Subscription.
Step 4. Please click Get, then your account email will receive a verification code.
Step 5. Please enter the Verification Code and click Cancel Subscription Now. Then your subscription will be canceled.
Situation 2:
If the product you purchased is not a membership product that needs a registration code to activate, then please contact our Customer Service to cancel the subscription for you.

5. How to apply for a refund if I am not satisfied with the purchase?

iMyFone provides a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. You could refer to here Refund-policy. And you can apply for a refund here: Refund-request.

6. Why was the price I paid for more than the price listed on the website?

We only charge the price as listed on the website, and the extra part of the price is the tax fee.

7. Why was I charged twice for one order?

This can happen when one of the following situations occurs.
There was a failed purchase before the validated order, and it was charged as well.
There is a possibility that you click the payment button twice when confirming the payment or there is an internet problem in the process of submitting the order details.
In this case, please contact customer service and we will check and help you solve it.

8. Is it 100% secure to buy your products with a discount from other websites?

iMyFone has many partners and distributors, and you may have a chance to get our programs from them. However, we can’t guarantee that their servers are as secure as ours. Please always pay attention to the potential hazard when you place an order. If you are suspicious of the website's authority, please contact us via Support Center to check.

9. Can free- use customers enjoy customer service/support?

Yes. Whether you buy a paid plan or notcustomer care is always at your beck and call. Please feel free to contact us for assistance if you encounter any technical problems. You will get a reply within 48 hours if you contact the support team. In this case, please contact customer service and we will check and help you solve it.

10. Is it safe to purchase from your website?

Yes, it's absolutely safe. Our website is secure and your privacy is 100% guaranteed.

11. What ways can I pay for my purchase?

We accept major mainstream payment methods. You can choose one at your convenience. PayPal, UnionPay, JCB, Diners Club, Discover, American Express, VISA/MasterCard etc.

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