1. Description of user information disclosure

Respecting users' personal privacy is a basic policy of ChatArt. Therefore, ChatArt will not disclose, edit or disclose its registration information and non-public content stored in this application without the authorization of legitimate users, except in the following cases:

  • (1) Relevant legal regulations or legal service procedures of ChatArt;
  • (2) In an emergency, to protect the rights and interests of users and the public;
  • (3) To safeguard the trademark rights, patent rights and any other legitimate rights and interests of ChatArt;
  • (4) Other situations where personal information needs to be disclosed, edited or disclosed;

2. Scope of Privacy Policy

  • (1) Personal identity information left by the user when logging into the application server;
  • (2) Various information transmitted between the user and other users or non-users through the application server;
  • (3) Various information of other users or non-users shared by this application with business partners;

3. Information disclosure and sharing

ChatArt will not intentionally disclose, rent or sell users' personal information and information to any third party. But the following exceptions:

  • (1) The user himself agrees to share information and information with third parties;
  • (2) Only by disclosing the user's personal information and information can we provide certain products and services requested by the user;

4. Settlement

If you purchase a product or service directly from our site, you authorize us to bill you, including any renewal fees, via the payment method specified. You understand and acknowledge that prices for products and services may be adjusted by you in the future, and that you will be charged the adjusted prices. If you purchased a subscription from our Products, the subscription will automatically renew at the end of each subscription period unless you cancel the subscription renewal. If you cancel your subscription, your subscription will end at the end of the current subscription period.