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What is a plagiarism checker?

A plagiarism checker is a software used to compare a piece of writing with a database of other writings to check for similarities. It is commonly used to detect instances of plagiarism, where someone has copied or closely paraphrased another person's work without proper attribution. The tool can identify matching or similar text and provide a report highlighting potential instances of plagiarism. This helps writers, educators, and publishers ensure the originality of written content and maintain academic and ethical standards.

What is a plagiarism checker?-ChatArt
How does our plagiarism checker work?-ChatArt

How does our plagiarism checker work?

  • When a user submits text to a plagiarism checker tool, the tool processes the input by breaking it down into smaller units such as sentences, phrases, or individual words. It then compares these units against a vast database of existing content, which may include academic papers, articles, websites, and other sources.
  • The tool identifies and highlights any instances where the input text closely matches content from the database, often using algorithms to analyze word frequency, sequence, and other linguistic patterns. Afterward, the tool generates a report for the user, indicating the percentage of similarity between the input text and the content found in the database.

Features of plagiarism checker

  • Generate high-quality copy in a matter of minutes.
  • Offer a cost-effective alternative, without the need for additional human resources.
  • Provide creative suggestions and ideas, helping writers overcome creative blocks.
  • Support multiple languages, making it easier to create content for more audiences.
Features of plagiarism checker-ChatArt
Use cases of plagiarism checker-ChatArt

Use cases of plagiarism checker

  • Academic Institutions: Students can use plagiarism checkers to ensure the originality of their essays, research papers, and assignments before submission.
  • Research and Publications: Researchers and scholars can utilize plagiarism checkers to verify the originality of their academic papers, theses, and dissertations before submission to journals or conferences.
  • Website and Content Management: SEO professionals can use plagiarism checkers to identify and address any duplicate content issues that may affect the search engine ranking of a website.

How to use our plagiarism checker


Step 1. Enter the plagiarism checker page of ChatArt.

Click to select ChatArt’s AI editor page.


Step 2. Input your text

Copy your text content to the corresponding inspection area.


Step 3. Start the Check

After copying your document, you can initiate the plagiarism check by clicking on a "Check Plagiarism" or similar button.


Step 4. Wait for Results

The plagiarism checker will then analyze your document and compare it against a database of existing content to identify any instances of plagiarism.


Step 5. Review the Report

Once the check is complete, the plagiarism checker will generate a report that highlights any potentially plagiarized content. You can review the report to identify the specific areas that may need attention.


Step 6. Address any Issues

If the report identifies any instances of plagiarism, you can then revise your document to properly attribute sources or rephrase the content to ensure originality.


1. How does a plagiarism checker work?

Plagiarism checkers use algorithms to compare the text being checked with a database of existing content, searching for similarities and matches.

2. Are there free plagiarism checkers available?

Yes, there are free plagiarism checkers available, but they may have limitations compared to paid versions.

3. Can I use a plagiarism checker for academic purposes?

Yes, plagiarism checkers are commonly used in academic settings to ensure the originality of student papers and scholarly work.

4. Do plagiarism checkers detect paraphrased content?

Yes, many plagiarism checkers can detect paraphrased content by comparing the structure and language of the text.

5. How accurate are plagiarism checkers?

The accuracy of plagiarism checkers can vary, but they are generally effective at identifying instances of direct copying and unoriginal text.

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